Top 25 Classroom Activities to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

1. “100 Years Old”: Have students dress up as if they were 100 years old, complete with costumes, accessories, and makeup.

2. “100th Day Collage”: Each student creates a unique collage using 100 items from home or school.

3. “100 Acts of Kindness”: Encourage students to perform 100 acts of kindness within their school and community.

4. “I Wish I Had 100…”: Students write about what they would do with 100 of their favorite items.

5. “100 Books Reading Challenge”: Set a goal for the class to collectively read and log 100 books by the 100th day.

6. “Puzzling Fun”: Create a giant, 100-piece jigsaw puzzle for the class to assemble together.

7. “Estimation Stations”: Set up stations throughout the classroom where students can practice estimating items in groups of 10, making their best guess at when they reach 100.

8. “100th Day Word Search”: Provide a word search featuring 100 hidden vocabulary words related to the school, curriculum, or lessons learned so far.

9. “100th Day STEM Challenges”: Provide various hands-on STEM activities for groups of students to complete using only 100 materials or within a time limit of 100 minutes.

10. “Compilation of Memories”: Record student memories and achievements from the first 99 days of school in a collaborative scrapbook or memory wall.

11. “Classroom Currency”: Design special ‘classroom currency’ for students to earn and spend on various activities throughout the day.

12. “Cup Stacking Challenge”: Use disposable cups and challenge classmates to create a tower with exactly 100 cups.

13. “Music Marathon”: Play historical songs throughout each decade as part of a unique musical celebration spanning 100 years.

14. “A Taste of History”: Sample snacks or candies that were popular 100 years ago and explore the food culture of the time.

15. “100 Acts of Gratitude”: Encourage students to write and share thank you notes or appreciations for teachers, classmates, or their families.

16. “Outdoor Math Scavenger Hunt”: Incorporate math problems such as adding up to 100 or finding patterns within nature.

17. “Fitness Challenge”: Set a goal for the entire class to complete 100 fitness-related activities or exercises during the day.

18. “100th Day Time Capsule”: Collect items that represent the current school year, have students write individual messages, and create a class time capsule to bury or display in the school library.

19. “Historical Timeline”: Create a collaborative timeline highlighting major events over the past 100 years.

20. “Teach a 100-Second Lesson”: Students take turns teaching mini-lessons on a subject they are passionate about, with just 100 seconds for each presentation.

21. “Escape Room Challenge”: Design a class escape room using clues and puzzles related to the number 100 and course subjects thus far.

22. “Random Acts of Genius”: Provide space for students to showcase their talents in a mini talent show throughout the day.

23. “Origami Creations”: Use origami paper folding techniques to challenge students to create unique designs with exactly 100 folds.

24. “World Record Attempt”: Choose a simple world record attempt to try as a class and document your efforts for posterity.

25. “Read-a-Thon”: Host an all-day read-a-thon where students can relax in quiet spaces around the classroom, enjoying books from their independent reading or those introduced by their peers.

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