What are the Different Types of Reading Materials?

Reading materials can be found anywhere and everywhere. Children typically have access to books as their primary reading material in the classroom, giving them wide access to different reading levels, stories, and genres. In addition, children can use many other types of reading materials to practice their developing reading skills. However, finding more options for different reading materials can help support reluctant or struggling readers. These include:

  • Magazines: Many great magazines for kids at the corner shop are available for digital downloads.
  • Comic books: Don’t discount the power of comics to hook kids on reading. They are a great way to teach your children about the back-and-forth of dialogue.
  • Newspapers: You can find human interest or local story articles in any newspaper to share with your children and students. This can help develop their reading skills and understanding of the surrounding community.
  • Play scripts: Explore what it might be like to be on screen or stage by reading a few scripts together. You can even put on a play after reading them.
  • Poetry: Grab a collection of poems or sit down and write some with your children. Rhyming is an important skill for reading, and having your children write poems on their own is a great way to build that skill.
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