What are Words With The Prefix Pre?

What is a prefix?

A prefix is a group or string of letters that can be attached to the start of a root word. Each prefix has its embedded meaning. Once a prefix is added to a root word, the newly-formed word will mean ‘prefix meaning + root word.’

What does the prefix pre mean?

Aprefixis used at the beginning of a word to adjust its meaning. For example, the prefix ‘pre-‘ means ‘before’ and is typically used to signify ‘before’ or ‘prior to.’ So, for example, when you try to prevent something, you come ‘before’ it to put a halt to it, thereby keeping it from happening. Read the below for more examples of the pre-prefix in a sentence.

  • Prevent: come ‘before’ – for example, ‘They tried to prevent an accident by taking the appropriate safety measures.’
  • Preheat: heat ‘before’ – for example, ‘Before you make a cake, don’t forget to preheat the oven.’
  • Prejudice: judge ‘before’ – for example, ‘You shouldn’t have prejudice about anything before you try it.’
  • Preview: see ‘before’ – for example, ‘At the cinema, before the film, they showed the previews.’
  • Predict: say ‘before’ – for example, ‘My gran always said you can’t predict what the weather will be.’

What are words with the prefix pre?

A simple way to learn and become comfortable with prefixes is to learn words with the prefix pre. Use this word list to find valuable and clear examples of words with the prefix pre.

7-letter words with the prefix pre

  • Present
  • Prepare
  • preface
  • pre-teen

6-letter words with the prefix pre

  • Prefer
  • Precut
  • Premix
  • Preset
  • Pre-war

15-letter words with the prefix pre

  • Preregistration
  • Prepublication
  • Prehistorically
  • Prearrangement

13-letter words with the prefix pre

  • Premeditation
  • Predetermined
  • Preproduction
  • Pre-enrollment
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