Every living thing in the world needs a source of energy to survive. Plants get their power from the sun and soil. Animals need to eat food to earn points. In some cases, animals and plants depend on each other to survive. Many animals eat plants as part of their natural diet and break down the plants in their stomachs. This is how animals get energy from food.

Like humans, there are many different types of things that animals eat. You might notice that people from other countries eat different things, but you might not know that there are certain types of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that all people need to survive. This is because different groups of animals are the same.

Some animals only eat plants, like grass! Others eat animals and plants as part of their diet. Some only need meat to stay healthy; There are three types of diet for animals:


Carnivores are animals like wild cats, snakes, and sharks. Their diet includes meat and meat alone. They don’t eat fruits and vegetables like us!


Herbivores only eat plants. Animals in this group include deer, horses, and even rhinos! A lot of these animals eat mainly grass.


Animals that eat both plants and animals are called omnivores. Humans are omnivores, along with bears, dogs, and some birds.

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