A benchmark is a standard, or point of reference, against which other similar things can be compared.

Usually, a benchmark provides a good example of how something should perform or function, and the things being compared should seek to emulate it.

Benchmarking is a broad term applicable in several contexts, such as technology, finance, business, and education.

Benchmarking in education occurs when standards are set that a child’s progress is measured against.

How is benchmarking used in schools?

Student attainment will often be measured against a benchmark appropriate to their age and year group.

For example, a child in Year 2 and a child in Year 4 will display different levels of attainment, so their progress will be considered against what is expected of a child of that age.

Children are expected to reach different educational milestones at different stages. These can include understanding a specific times table, mathematical concept, or development of vocabulary and handwriting.

These milestones are benchmarks for positive development.

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