A homework diary is essential for students to remind them of their responsibilities and tasks they must complete in the evening. They also allow parents to get involved with their child’s studies and be aware of what is required.

What to write in a Homework Diary?

It may seem obvious to write the homework task in a homework diary, but there are also other important factors to include, such as:

  1. Details of the homework task
  2. When the homework is due
  3. Parent and teacher signature

Details of the Homework Task 

It may not be helpful for students to write down ‘English Homework’ as they may forget what they may have been asked to read or study. Instead, they should write down ‘read chapter 1 of (name of the book)’ or ‘write a paragraph or summary on the chapter of (name of the book).’ Being more specific about the assignment will make it easier for them when they get down to completing it.

As students get older, their homework will become more difficult and include more detail. Therefore, teachers should ensure that students have written everything they need; for example, if the task was to ‘read the handout,’ questions like: which handout? What is the handout about? Are there any questions about it? Doing this will ensure that students become self-sufficient and can do it next time without being reminded.

When the Homework is Due

Students need to note when the homework is due so they can time-manage themselves and not get into trouble for forgetting and falling behind.

Most of the time, homework tasks are set for the next day, which is simple to remember; however, if students are selected for bigger projects that take a few weeks to complete, parents can help children set mini-deadlines to focus on certain aspects of the task.

Parent and Teacher Signature

Including both a parent and teacher signature box in a homework diary means that parents can feel confident that their child has written the correct amount of detail of the homework task if their teacher has signed it. Vice versa, if a student’s parent has signed the homework diary, the teacher knows they have completed the noted assignments.

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