What is a school report? In its most basic sense, a school report is a written account from a school about how a child is getting on in their classes. It assesses their performance and provides a valuable tool to parents, students, and teachers. In addition, a school report is a way for everyone to partner and collaborate on ensuring children attain their best possible grades and achieve their potential.

How are reports written?

There are strict rules about what teachers can and cannot write in their children’s school reports. For example, they cannot make personal predictions or use emotional terms like pleased, surprised, or disappointed. Instead, many teachers use what is sometimes called a Word Bank to write reports. A Word Bank is a collection of phrases, statements, or sentences that can be quickly assembled and fit together to provide the text for a school report. It can make writing a school report for a whole class or more much faster while giving a personal insight into how children are getting on and progressing academically.

How have children been graded academically?

Most school reports now are called progression reports, showing how a child performs academically against curriculum benchmarks. Comparing this with previous reports gives an insight into how children are progressing and developing and provides a way to benchmark them against their fellow students. In addition, buying academic grading as

How is a school report valuable?

School reports are valuable because they are the main way children’s grades and achievements are communicated to students and parents. School reports are a great tool to help children develop and attain their best grades and exam results, but they are also really useful for parents and teachers.

For parents, their child’s time in school can be a bit of a mystery. As a result, it can be difficult sometimes to understand how to help children and support them with their school work beyond ensuring they have completed their homework. A school report can help give a clearer picture of opportunities for extra support and help in a particular subject. Also, they show where children may be excelling or doing well, which is always a cause for celebration.

For teachers, compiling school reports can be useful for gaining insight into how a whole class is performing and progressing. Writing reports is a good time for reflection and can be useful for identifying trends, challenges, and opportunities among all of a class’s students. In addition, by using curriculum-based benchmarking, school reports can show where a whole class is against the national curriculum and how they are performing against their year group nationally, given the aims and requirements set out in the curriculum.

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