Instruction Text

An instruction text is a piece of non-fiction text that gives instructions on how to complete a task. Also called an instructional text or an informational text. In addition, the reader may include organizational devices.

Instructive Text Examples

Examples of instruction text include recipes to board game instructions or how to complete a video game. In any of those cases, it is essential to provide easy-to-follow instructions using simple language and information on what to do in chronological order.

It also requires the use of imperative verbs. These are a type of verb that instruct another person to do something. Here are some more examples of an instruction text:

“Put the cake mix in the oven.”

“Open the board and give each player a card.”

“Insert the disc, then press play.”

Imperative verbs are instructive: they should tell the reader, in no uncertain terms, what to do.

Where might I find informational texts?

Here are some examples of where you might find instruction texts:

  • A recipe that instructs you on how to cook or bake something.
  • A leaflet that gives you instructions to follow – for example, instructions for how to vote or to post something.
  • An instruction manual that will help you set up an appliance or build something, like a piece of furniture.
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