What Is Boom Cards and How Does It Work For Teachers?


In today’s tech-driven world, teachers are constantly exploring innovative tools to enhance their teaching methods and deliver engaging lessons for students. One such tool that has gained immense popularity among educators is Boom Cards. This article will explore the concept, features, and benefits of Boom Cards for teachers.

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital, interactive, and self-grading task cards that help educators track student progress in various subjects. They provide a fun way for students to enjoy the learning process through engaging multimedia elements such as images, audios, and videos. Teachers can quickly customize the content and incorporate digital features that cater to their students’ individual needs.

How Does It Work For Teachers?

1. Easy to Access: To start using Boom Cards, teachers need to sign up for a free or premium account on the Boom Learning website. They can then search for pre-made decks or create their customized decks based on specific learning objectives.

2. Personalized Content: Boom Cards allows educators to tailor content according to students’ skill levels and accommodate diverse learning styles. Teachers can design tasks with multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop options, fill-in-the-blanks, or even building sentences – all within a single deck.

3. Hassle-free Distribution: Once the cards are ready to use, teachers can assign activities’s unique URL link or Fast Pin codes that expire within 14 days (ensuring privacy) directly via Google Classroom, email or by displaying the code in class.

4. Real-time Feedback: As students complete the tasks on Boom Cards, teachers receive immediate feedback through reports showcasing their performance data. This information helps educators identify areas where students may need additional support or reinforcement.

5. Gamification: Many decks come with gamified elements such as points, badges and timers that keep students engaged and motivated while completing tasks.

6. Accessible on Multiple Devices: Boom Cards can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, and computers. The decks are also available as a Google Chrome extension.

Benefits of Boom Cards for Teachers

1. Saves Time: Since Boom Cards are self-grading, teachers save valuable time that would have been spent on manual checking of assignments. This extra time allows for more focused instruction or one-on-one work with struggling students.

2. Individualized Learning: As Boom Cards can be customized based on each student’s unique needs, it provides an opportunity for individualized learning and aids teachers in differentiating instruction.

3. Boosts Engagement: The interactivity of the cards keeps learners engaged and motivated, making it easier for teachers to maintain student interest in a lesson.

4. Promotes Digital Literacy: With the increasing reliance on technology, incorporating Boom Cards into daily lessons helps foster digital literacy among students.

5. Supports Remote and Blended Learning: Given their digital nature, the use of Boom Cards is highly adaptable in supporting remote or blended learning environments that have become increasingly important due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.


Boom Cards is an innovative tool that has captured the attention of educators everywhere. Their ease of use, customization features, and compatibility with various devices make them an attractive option for enhancing teaching methods and engaging students. By integrating Boom Cards into their lessons, educators can promote individualized learning while saving time and boosting overall student success.

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