A friend is someone you know, like, and enjoy spending time with. A friend may help you when you are in trouble or need help. The relationship between friends is what we call a friendship.

Activities that people do with their friends include:

  • Playing
  • Sharing
  • Working with each other and supporting each other with tasks that need doing
  • Compliment each other, and help them to feel good about themselves
  • Listen to each other
  • Make each other laugh

How can we be good friends with each other?

There are lots of different ways that you can be a good friend to other people, including:

Being a good listener:

There are many ways to show your friends that you are listening to them, such as asking them positive and encouraging questions while talking to you to show them that you understand what they are saying. Your body language can also tell people that you are listening to them. For example, nodding your head, looking interested, maintaining eye contact with the speaker, and keeping still are great ways to show that you are listening to your friend.

Giving Compliments:

We all feel good after receiving compliments, which means that giving compliments is another great way to be a good friend and cheer your friends up. If you notice that a friend is feeling down, complimenting them can go a long way in boosting their mood. How you receive compliments can also show that you are a good friend. When you give praise, and someone shrugs off or denies it, it can make you feel embarrassed, so always saying “thank you” to the compliments you receive shows that you are grateful for your friends and their kind words.

Make time for your friends:

You won’t always have the same interests and hobbies as your friends, which may mean that you’re busy at different times, and it won’t always be easy to make plans and see them. This means that going out of your way to spend time with your friends can mean a lot to them. Plans to see friends don’t always have to be extravagant; just getting a coffee or walking can lead to special memories.

Talk about your feelings:

No matter how you feel, it would help if you always talked to your friends about it; they will support you no matter what. If you feel like your example, if you are missing your friend, Being open and honest with your friends keeps the communication in your friendship flowing healthily and lets your friends know that you care about them. This also allows you to be open about what worries you, which is vital for a healthy friendship.

Understand that Friendships can change:

This can sometimes give you a chance to make new friends and create a wide and wonderful social circle. However, making new friends doesn’t always mean letting go of your old friends; be ready to adapt as time changes.

Problem-Solving in Friendships:

In any relationship, you will likely encounter conflict, but knowing how to deal with it is the most important part. Here are three steps for resolving disputes with a friend:

  1. Make sure that you’re ready to solve the conflict before you begin. For example, entering a conversation while you are still upset or angry can lead to even bigger problems.
  2. Be honest. When you start talking to your friend, be honest about how you feel, use sentences that begin with “I…” and listen to their side of the story the way you would want them to listen to you.
  3. Find a solution. Discuss as many solutions as possible before deciding what route you would like to take, and ensure that everyone is comfortable with it.
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