Reflective symmetry is where a shape or pattern is reflected in a mirror line or a line of symmetry. The body that has been reflected will be the same as the original, it should also be the same size, and it will be the same distance away from the mirror.

What is Rotational symmetry?

The act of rotational symmetry is where a shape or pattern can be turned or ‘rotated’ around a central point and remains the same. For example, specific conditions have rotational symmetry of order X, meaning that particular shapes can be rotated around a topic and stay the same consistently, like a circle.

What is a Line of symmetry?

Shapes and patterns can have many different lines of symmetry. This depends on how often the body can be folded in half yet remain the same on both sides. A circle, for example, has an infinite number of lines of symmetry because there are more ways of folding it in half than there are of counting. But, like a love heart, other shapes can only be folded in half one way.

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