What is Vaulting in Gymnastics?

Vaulting in gymnastics is the action of performing a vault. A vault is an action a gymnast performs by running down a runway, usually made of soft material. They then jump onto a springboard and use the momentum to bounce up towards the vault hands first.

Using your hands to control how you get over the vault is the idea. A locker is a piece of gymnastic equipment that the performer has to get over. They are usually 120 centimeters long and 90 centimeters wide.

In schools, children will learn vaulting in gymnastics by practicing with adjustable vault equipment.

What does vaulting in gymnastics look like?

There are different types of vaults in gymnastics, and the score competitive gymnasts receive in competitions often depends on the complexity of their routine and how they land.

Two simple ways to vault include the straddle over the vault and the squat through vault moves

Squat through vault

  • Run and hurdle step onto the springboard swinging your arms back and upwards.
  • Push down onto the springboard hard with your feet giving you enough momentum to get over the vault.
  • Place your hands in the top center of the vault, more comprehensive than hip-width apart.
  • Draw your legs into a tucked position and travel over the vault through your arms to land on the mat.
  • Bend your knees to soften the landing, and hold your arms out in front of your body, parallel to the floor for balance.
  • Stand up straight and stretch up your arms to finish the move.

Straddle over vault

  • Run onto the springboard as in the squat through the vault move.
  • Place your hands side by side on the top center of the vaulting box and extend and straighten your legs to the side into the straddle position as you vault over the vaulting box.
  • Bring your feet together to land on the mat.
  • Remember to bend your knees to avoid injury as you land.
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