When and Where Did Hinduism Begin?

When did Hinduism begin?

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world, and it is believed that Hinduism began as far back as 1500 BC! Furthermore, there are signs of important Hindu figures and deities such as Vishnu, Shiva, and Devi in artifacts and architecture uncovered from between 500 BC and 500 AD, so we know some form of Hinduism was around at this time.

Today, over 900 million people follow Hinduism, most of whom live in India.

Where did Hinduism begin?

Although its origins are unclear, it seems to be a mix of different beliefs, cultures, and traditions of the people who lived along the Indus River in South East Asia, near modern-day Pakistan. Hinduism is sometimes referred to as a way of life as it combines many different traditions and religious beliefs. Where Hinduism began is of little importance to Hindus, who believe that their faith is timeless.

The Hinduism Creation Story

For Hindus, there are periodic cycles of creation rather than one creation; Hinduism has many creation stories.

One story is that before time began, there was no heaven, no earth, and no space in between. In this nothingness, a cobra floated with Vishnu asleep, wrapped in its coils. A magnificent lotus flower grew from his navel. In the middle of the lotus flower sat Brahma. Vishnu commanded that Brahma create the world. Brahma split the lotus flower into the earth, the sky, and the heavens. He then made the plants and animals.

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