Win The Wall Street Journal High School Program For Your School

Every year, The Wall Street Journal offers high school students across the United States the opportunity to participate in their prestigious High School Program. Designed to educate and inspire students regarding journalism and current events, this program can be a massive asset for your school. Here’s what you need to know about The Wall Street Journal High School Program and how you can win it for your school.

About the Program

The Wall Street Journal High School Program is an immersive experience designed for high school students who are passionate about journalism, current events, finance, or business. By participating in this program, students will gain access to exclusive resources such as articles, videos, and podcasts focused on business and financial news. They will also have opportunities to connect with professional journalists, attend workshops, and engage in discussions on various topics relevant to the industry.

Why Your High School Should Participate

There are several benefits that The Wall Street Journal High School Program offers your school:

1. Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Exposure to real-world news stories and conversations with professional journalists gives participating students insight into the fast-paced world of journalism and news reporting.

2. Access to Exclusive Resources: As part of the program, students will receive a digital membership to The Wall Street Journal which contains various tools aimed at helping them understand and interpret complex topics related to business and finance.

3. Networking Opportunities: Students not only get access to professionals in their desired field but also have chances to network with other like-minded individuals from other schools across the country.

4. Boost College Applications: Participating in The Wall Street Journal High School Program demonstrates a student’s interest in journalism or business – factors that can strengthen their college applications.

How to Enter

1. Visit the Official Website: To enter your school into the running for participation, visit The Wall Street Journal High School Program’s webpage where you can find more information about entry requirements.

2. Gather Support: To achieve success, it is essential to rally support from your school’s faculty, staff, and the student body. Arrange a meeting with your school’s principal or administration to discuss participation in the program.

3. Gather Interest: Host informational sessions for students interested in journalism or business to provide an overview of the program and gauge their enthusiasm.

4. Prepare Application Materials: Develop a proposal that includes details regarding how your school would benefit from participating in the program. You may also want to provide testimonials from students, teachers, or even local journalists expressing their support for your entry.

5. Submit Your Application: Once your application materials are completed and reviewed by the appropriate parties, submit them to The Wall Street Journal High School Program for consideration.

In Conclusion

Having your high school participate in The Wall Street Journal High School Program can leave a lasting impact on your students and offer them unparalleled opportunities in their pursuit of journalism or business careers. Do not miss this chance to enrich their educational experience – apply today!

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