Win The Wall Street Journal High School Program for Your School


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) High School Program is a prestigious opportunity for schools to introduce their students to the world of business and finance. With access to comprehensive resources on business, economics, and personal finance, winning this program for your school could spark a new generation of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and financially savvy individuals. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the WSJ High School Program and guide you on how your school can have a chance to win.

What is The Wall Street Journal High School Program?

The WSJ High School Program is designed to provide high school students with an in-depth understanding of the global economy and financial markets. The program offers access to the WSJ’s vast library of articles, opportunities to participate in events or competitions, and resources tailored specifically for high school students. With this program, schools can equip their students with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

Why Your School Should Participate:

1. Enhanced learning experience: By exposing students to real-world examples and case studies in business and finance, they gain a deeper understanding of economic concepts learned in class.

2. Improved critical thinking skills: Analyzing complex financial data and news allows students to sharpen their analytical and critical thinking skills.

3. Better career prospects: Students participating in the WSJ High School Program gain valuable insights that can aid them in their future careers or entrepreneurial pursuits.

4. Networking opportunities: Winning the program may open doors for your students to connect with professionals within the industry, creating opportunities for internships or even potential jobs.

How Your School Can Win:

1. Showcase strong academic achievement: Schools known for their excellence in academics might have an edge over other competitors. If your school has received awards or recognition for its performance in relevant areas such as economics, finance, or business studies, make sure to highlight these points.

2. Demonstrate student interest: Engaged students who actively participate in business or finance-related clubs and projects show the WSJ that they are ready and eager to benefit from the program.

3. Develop a comprehensive proposal: Outline how your school will utilize the resources provided by the WSJ High School Program to enhance the curriculum and enrich student experiences. Include your school’s unique approach to teaching financial literacy and plans for engaging students in relevant activities.

4. Promote active learning with external competitions and events: Students who have successfully competed in national or international business, finance, or economics competitions demonstrate their potential to be impactful participants in the WSJ High School Program.


Winning The Wall Street Journal High School Program for your school is an exceptional opportunity that allows you to provide valuable financial education for your students. By showcasing strong academic achievements, demonstrating student interest, developing a comprehensive proposal, and participating in external competitions, your school can stand out as a top contender. Give your students the chance to gain unparalleled insights into the world of business and finance by striving to win this prestigious program.

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